What's going on in D.C.?

                          NO   D.O.J. ACTION in OVER  3 YEARS!

                   It's Obama's malfeasance: Will Trump do Better?

                            U.S. Govt. officials violated their oaths!

  UPDATE  - U.S. Dept. of Justice received Mr. Noack's documentation in Dec., 2013, with no arrests since, despite documented proof of felony judicial crimes in U.S. Courts!  The govt. seems to be "pigeon-holing" the case.

   Pres. Obama & his govt. ignoring race-related felonies is outrageous!    

 Contact  President Obama about this at  https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact .   Urge him to end the DOJ's neglect of the judicial corruption. -- YOUR Federal courts should be just, not corrupt.  

    The following shows a cover letter sent by Mr. Noack to the D.O.J. and U.S. Attorney General Holder in late 2013.  They indicate immense wrongdoing in our court system & EEOC.

    His personal information is blanked out, for privacy.  He may have concerns about sharing info., from a legal stance, but America must see the incredible wrongs done by our govt. against him:  perjury and other felony crimes -- serious issues.  

    With claims & apparent evidence of discrimination against blacks and men, a black President (and  the U.S. A/G) still hesitate to ensure justice: why?   What can we think - that there is no longer any resolve other than for self-interested govt. corruption?


      Pray for Mr. Noack's safety & wellbeing.    He stood up for what's right, for Constitutional rights and for a clear conscience.  With such evidence showing extreme corruption by powerful people in govt., he might be in danger.   Love America: do justice, show mercy.

  Mr Noack  sent the letter (& affidavit).

(- personal info. was redacted, above)


    This receipt   >>>

shows it was sent to the DOJ  &  U.S. Attorney General. 


    Look up the tracking number: it's been delivered. 


So,  A/G Holder, the DOJ, & the Obama admin. know of the FELONIES in the federal courts.   

 Yet, NO real action?


         Below are pages from apparent testimony by Mr. Noack to the D.O.J. and U.S. Attorney General.  

        The testimony is about apparent crimes in govt., the courts, and the workplace.  It touches on issues like workers' rights, discrimination (against blacks & men) and wage laws.  

                 This is massive!

        Various documents show govt. coverups and court fraud.  These documents appear to be a sincere plea for help by someone facing real troubles.


  Please keep contacting govt. officials to so they realize the corruption & coverups need to stop.   America is looking to them to do the right thing.

 So far, NO REAL ACTION by D.O.J. ...in over 19 months!              * Make it an issue this election season! *

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