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 3 years, zero arrests in a discrimination case with proof of felonies!


NOTE:  the employer also lied to Texas labor officials - , which is a State felony that, likewise, has gone unprosecuted. See possible state laws violated (details on that are on the page "What Crimes") on this website. Documents also show Texas didn't question any employer witnesses (

          This site is a continuation of Supremely UNjust!  (, where you can find more horrific evidence of judges ignoring crimes.  See a page with emails directly evidencing improper hiring procedures the EEOC considers to be illegal:  Near the bottom, there, info shows judges apparently ignored the Civil Rights Act of 1991, which was passed to specifically close loopholes that previously had allowed employers to escape justice by pretending they didn't mean to discriminate. 

Now, you can help the victim at ,or go directly to the fundraising site for him at  Info. at the Supremely Unjust website mentions the man harmed by it all is apparently about to have to relocate, which could destroy the evidence of all the harms done to him.  There's no statute of limitation in effect on such judicial crime as he's encountered, so the evidence of his spending so much time in tents due to the employer lies and judicial corruption could be important when this all gets exposed and his case goes back into court for a jury trial.

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 Prooffederal  judges  allowed & used known lies in court !!! 



 Why No Investigation when proven the Employer lied to labor officials?  WHY no investigation of a state felony crime?                                                                                                                                            See Proof of the apparent labor crime at    

                                                OBAMA  ADMINISTRATION

      ...notified of JUDICIAL FELONIES IN THE CASE almost 3 years ago,

                      (See )

  complicit with documented race crimes via inaction!

                                            Federal Court documents' reveal

                      - evidence of felonies by officers of the court to prevent a jury trial

       - evidence of exposed perjury knowingly & preferentially used by federal court officials

                        - labor claim rubberstamped w/ no employer witnesses questioned

                        - extremely important labor investigation documents oddly missing

          - evidence of plausible, even likely, discrimination against blacks & men in the case,


                      MAKE THIS AN ELECTION SEASON ISSUE !!!  


 Can you help the victim? -


                                                                                                      THINK  On THIS!    

This website shows a big NPO gave  false testimony to labor agents  - a State felony. 

Also, there's proof the Non-Profit Org. used felony PERJURY in court to stop the former employee's CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to a jury trial!  (See proof on this site & links.)

PLUS, you can see Fed JUDGES committed FELONIES (without a peep from the news media).

(All this is in matters in which 2  U.S. Congressmen were brazenly lied to by the EEOC, while yet a 3rd U.S. Congressman has given the victim of these crimes the FBI's tel. # so he can report the crimes!)


Will the FBI?  -  The FBI hung up on him when he called: it's disgusting!

The local sheriff's office,  police or State police?   The locals love the YMCA -- no-one has touched them!

Has America become totally LAWLESS, with the foxes guarding the henhouse, doing as they please?

      The YMCA location plaintiff worked at has changed its name!   

     WhY? ----  Really!

NEW  INFO. on lower series of links at top of this page - more proof of corruption!   

  There was no justice - renegade judges illegally cancelled the 7th Amdt. right to a jury trial.   They ignored the Law & illegally favored the BIG employer!

NEW! -- YouTube video of Congressional Testimony from Mr. Noack himself! - powerful, as people know NOT to lie to Congress!  

     This case had a white man giving sworn testimony of being ordered to discriminate against African-Americans (students of PV A&M Univ. & potential staff) and other men. Emails corroborated that, it seems: see SUPREMELY UNJUST (above)  & the "Email Evidence" page.    This case could potentially unite Americans against discrimination & corruption.

What can YOU do?  --  The court-coded documents prove corruption, and it's BAD!  However, shows how you can help, or you can go to this page to help with a fundraiser:

  The original case can also be placed back in court if a govt investigation shows the truth about the judicial fraud.

          A  CORRUPT  F.B.I.?

  An FBI "agent hung up suddenly" after what appeared to be an unwillingness to investigate the felony court crimes in this case, according to information obtained on the matter.  

Despite offers of documented proof of the crimes, the female FBI employee hastily blamed Mr Noack due to his having had no  legal counsel.  Noack was too poor to get any, and the court ignored his request for appointed counsel, so he could only proceed "In Forma Pauperis", or  "as a pauper", and "pro se" (self-litigating) in his case. 

  A second call faired no better when the next FBI agent argued "perjury" depended on one's viewpoint, while knowing next to nothing about the case facts.  The victim then explained that documents showed direct, factual contradiction of material testimony and that the outright, known perjury had been used to prevent a jury trial!  

The agents didn't seem to care about the man's desire to file a complaint on what would be felony crimes, despite offers of documented proof of multiple felonies and despite the caller's having received a formal letter from a U.S. Congressman providing the FBI's phone number & urging him to make the call.

  Meanwhile, the same FBI office has a telephone hotline dedicated to tips on bank robberies.  So, poor  felons get "hot-listed", while felonies by the elites get "pigeon-holed"!  (--  all in a civil rights case with severe Constitutional violations?  

-- "Holy Shit, Batman!", is the FBI also ignoring 

18 USC 241, a.k.a. Conspiracy Against Rights (See below.)  The Hillary scandal is nothing new.  The President owns the FBI, which appears to have forsaken it's oath to America.

    Conspiracy Against Rights (18 USC 241) was also cited in Mr. Noack's civil suit (  

USC ยง 241 : US Code, Section 241: Conspiracy Against Rights, states this.

  "If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or because of his having so exercised the same;
      If two or more persons go in disguise on the highway, or on the premises of another, with intent to prevent or hinder his free
    exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege so secured
They shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, they shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death."

Mr. Noack was likewise injured & oppressed when federal judges & others used known perjury to deprive him of his legal rights and his 7th Amdt. Constitutional right to a jury trial! 

 The FBI disregarded Law & Constitution?

    Impeachments are a proper response.

    Have you been bullied, ridiculed,  physically assaulted at work,...had unjust conduct actions against you after reporting workplace crimes, a huge  pay-cut at no fault of your own, been robbed of years of overtime wages, treated with contempt due to gender, etc., ...then simply had to shut up about it?

    What if things like that happened and others were too scared to say a word?  Have you been driven out of a career for doing right & refusing to committ crimes, only to find the govt refusing to investigate your labor case, ....courts refusing to obey the Law, ...ignoring the evidence, then tossing you out & declaring YOU guilty without allowing a jury trial (your 7th amendment right)?

     Well, that seems to be the nightmare of one poor man who refused to bow to corruption.  What's more -- there seems to be undeniable proof the story is true!  Yet, there's been a pall of silence in the media about it.  -  Why?           

-- Is it because the employer is a rich, famous non-profit org.?                                        

-- Is it because there are multiple federal judges and a big lawfirm involved? 

-- Is it because ALL NPOs are NOT really NPOs? 



                Yet, a few things are clear. 

Documents prove crimes were committed! 

(1) The employer lied to labor officials, who then refused to question a single employer witness - and later, the felonious judges knew of it & ignored it all! 

(2)  The employer introduced perjurous testimony in court. 

(3) At least 4 judges allowed the known perjury against the poor self-litigant. 

(4) Emails apparently expose an excuse that the EEOC says is illegal conduct.

(5)  All this was documented in court records (yet they illegally drove the man out).

(6)  The poor man has been reduced to living in tents for almost 8 years!

(7)  With so many cowards in govt. & media, this has all been a well-hidden, dirty secret, so far,

...but that's changing as people send this to others.

  "The fate of unborn millions will now depend, under God, on the courage and conduct of this army."

 --  General George Washington;  July  2, 1776

              Question:  Is justice JUST......


Is is okay for the govt to NOT prosecute felony crimes IF such crimes are committed by judges, large employers or big law firms?


If this makes you mad, "Like" or "tweet" it to others, (above) then contact Pres. Obama about it via the page-top link at


 .....if it is unequal?


-- Do most citizens get a "free pass" on felony crimes?

 "We want great men who,  when fortune frowns, will not be discouraged."

 -  Colonel Henry Knox  (early U.S. patriot)

                        It MUST STOP!   -   The rogue judges must be reigned in!

    If Mr. Noack's case is new to you, the top link is enlightening, and the PDF's below  reveal a bit more about it. 

Our pledge of allegience says, " liberty & justice for all " - not only for the rich!  The corruption endangers our basic freedoms and faith in govt. and could get much worse.  See the documents, & decide. 

About The Documents

   To expose corruption worthy of FBI,  DOJ  & Congressional investigations, there's a need to show documentation.  Nothing excuses illegal behavior.  In My opninion, arguments in the pdf's (below) plus the evidence show Mr. Noack got illegally railroaded out of court and that his evidence demanded a jury trial -- his right under the U.S. Constitution:  a RIGHT falsely denied!  Court evidence documents (see  "USCA5" in bottom right corners), here & at "Supremely Unjust", support that claim. 

   Evidence seems to show the (white) plaintiff also refused to obey orders to discriminate against blacks & men (, & maybe suffered retaliation, disparate wages, "male-bashing", etc.  Some of the matters also involved Waller ISD & students of Prairie View A&M (a "black" university).

How Many Black People Know that Pres. Obama's People Knew                                                      All About These Crimes On African-Americans And Did Nothing?

   The testimony below was given to Bill Windsor of Lawless America for presentation to members of the U.S. Congress. (The victim actually lived in tents over 8 years, so the Video is a bit old.  He now lives in an old SUV.)

Sworn affidavit testimony was also apparently submitted directly to the DOJ, telling of numerous unlawful acts & disgraceful govt. mishandling of matters pertaining to the victim's case. 

That sworn testimony to the DOJ can be seen at


          FAKE  NEWS    -     CORRUPT NEWS MEDIA is HIDING the TRUTH           

The proof of judicial crime is rock-solid!  So, where's the national news media, law-enforcement, & Congress?  There's evidence of racism, fraud, false testimony & judicial corruption, so where's Obama, Holder & the D.O.J.?  Where's CNN & FOX? - WAKE UP, felonies were committed in a civil rights case! 

  Is it too HOT for them?  If so, why?  How?  Are all our courts so corrupted and power-brokers so powerful that nobody wants to touch them - like a kid afraid of getting hurt by a big fire-cracker?

               "We the people"....must not allow such crimes & cronyism.                 

   The reproductions below are shown as a public service.

 They show information from  Mr. Noack's pro se legal case,  and this site reports it as such. 

        The PDF's detail arguments from Mr. Noack's Petition for Writ of Certiorari to the U.S. Supreme Court. 

                               Besides minor differences like spacing, redactions of personal contact info. & leaving out a few preliminary pages

                                                        and some lengthy reference documents, all is comparable to the originals.

  If continuing the documentation from the Supremely UNjust website, the 2nd PDF (pp 17 & on) may be a good start.

                   Some preliminary info. on the 1st PDF here is not shown on the "Supremely Unjust" website.              

     To help the cause of justice for Mr Noack (& the USA), see this page:


Beginning to p16.pdf Beginning to p16.pdf
Size : 324.408 Kb
Type : pdf
pp17 to conclusionPDF.pdf pp17 to conclusionPDF.pdf
Size : 292.779 Kb
Type : pdf
Various Refence Documents.pdf Various Refence Documents.pdf
Size : 179.56 Kb
Type : pdf


                           These PDF documents

. . . are interesting!   



     "Show me that age and country where the rights and liberties of the people 

                   were placed on the sole chance of their rulers being good men,

                                  without a consequent loss of liberty!"


                                                                                                                  -- Patrick Henry,  June 5, 1788


        "The reflection upon my situation and that of this army produces many an uneasy hour      

       when all around me are wrapped in sleep.  Few people know the predicament we are in."


                                                                                                                           -- General George Washington

                                                                                                                               January 14, 1776


           Ladies & Gentlemen,

             Are YOU merely "sleeping" while America is in peril -- while courts casually toss aside our Constitution? 

                                             -- Please join the fight against judicial corruption.   Help save America!

   What if this happened to YOU ??

 At left? Tent #4: Mr. Noack is now in tent #5 & on his 5th year in a tent due to corruption.

 This website has amazing PROOF that 2 courts  & 4 judges allowed known false testimony in court,  unduly favoring a rich NPO & denying a poor man       his 7th Amendment right to a jury.                                

                 There were clearly...

                                                        Violations of U.S. Constitution, 7th Amendment    

                                                          Violations of Law & Supreme Court Rulings!   

                                                                       Bill of Rights tossed Aside!  

                                                                              Crimes Committed!  

      An account to help Mr. Noack get new job skills is at  (It requests  $1 donations), or there is a new donations page on GiveForward with smaller fees and a direct link to Mr. Noack: He lost his job, career, prof. cert., state prof. license & new  Aveo (repo'd).  More info. on the case is at . 

     At or  "Supremely Unjust", there are other ideas on how people can help out!   --   America, Save YOUR Courts!!
    You...could be the next victim of judicial corruption!!     

     Judicial corruption is looming as perhaps THE single biggest threat to U.S. citizens!   "We the people..." MUST act  or risk losing our rights & protections; plus, crooked courts promote instability.   It's happened in times past in other nations.  The power-brokers involved grow accustomed to the rewards of corruption and the ease of getting away with it.  How long before they decide they won't let you take all that away from them? -- How long?! 

     Hey, this is not a joke or a scam.  There is now a LawlessAmerica YouTube video of Mr. Noack in videographed testimony to Congress about the corruption against him: court-stamped documents utterly prove the judges allowed perjury in their courts for use against the man as he was driven out, violating the U.S. 7th AmendmentOne judge actually had the nerve to cite the known, proven perjury. -- That's how brazen these judges are becoming! 


Panderers right and left of us like malignant tumors swell,
They coax a sleep in unholy arms while they guide us straight toward hell.
Who knows the soul with fortitude who, from a true intent, won't shrink?
So many leaders dress for best of show, and like a vomit do they stink!
Recall to mind, you noble sort, the dreadful echos of our past.
 It's now the time to do some good, if we want our good to last.



     Poem used with permission from its author, Copyright 2012 -- All rights protected. 

     Reproduction not permitted without express written consent by the author or author's legal represetative.

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Perfidy -- noun,

      "Perfidy" is when someone willfully breaks faith, behaves treacherously, is unfaithful, and violates the trust of others.        It is a deliberate & calculated act of disloyalty.

Usage: The corrupt official committed an act of perfidy.


Perfidious -  adjective

"Perfidious" is an evil, crafty, treacherous manner of behavior which relates to disloyalty and unfaithfulness.

Usage: A perfidious judge might ignore the Law if bribed.

(or)   The perfidious congressman quit caring about his constituents for the sake of favors from large corporations. 


  So, when a govt official swears an oath to uphold the Law &  U.S. Constitution but willfully ignores both, that is "perfidy"?

For interesting reading, search "judicial perfidy".

Look for Supremely Unjust on FaceBook, too!

Also on FaceBook, see OBAMA Answer This.


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